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Start with a robust RTOS
SAFERTOS is a robust and deterministic safety certified Real Time Operating System. Used across the medical, nuclear, industrial and automotive sectors, SAFERTOS offers deterministic reliability that you can depend on.

SAFERTOS support for the AURIX Tricore from Infineon
SAFERTOS has been extended to support AURIX, Infineon’s brand new family of microcontrollers. AURIX uses an innovative multicore architecture, based on up to three independent 32-bit TriCore CPUs, allowing it to meet the highest safety standards while simultaneously delivering increased performance.

SAFERTOS evaluation packages are available upon request.

SAFERTOS support for the Zynq-7000 from Xilinx
SAFERTOS has been extended to support the ARM Cortex-A9 processor upon the Zynq-7000, Xilinx’s all programmable SoC. Using the Zynq-7000 platform, you can design smarter systems with tightly coupled software based control and analytics with real time hardware-based processing and optimized system interfaces.

Download the Zynq-7000 demo here

Fully integrated SAFERTOS middleware for the Hercules safety microcontroller from Texas Instruments
New SAFERTOS demos for Hercules TMS570LS31x, RM48x, and RM46x safety microcontrollers are now available.

These demos include TCP/IP and USB Host support for RM48x and RM46x to allow customers to get started even faster on their safety critical projects.

Download the Hercules demos here

Middleware solutions from WHIS are delivered fully integrated and supported for use with SAFERTOS. They are designed for tight and optimised integration with SAFERTOS, and make full use of the SAFERTOS task isolation feature.

The WHIS middleware portfolio includes:
• USB Connectivity
File Systems

Safety Components
Safety components are modules that integrate with SAFERTOS and bring greater security to your application. Each safety component addresses a specific problem area, and is supplied with a full Design Assurance Pack developed to the same high standard as SAFERTOS.

CRC Checker

Guard against corruption and malicious attack by confirming the correctness of your program memory.Find out more here.


Checkpoints provides a sophisticated task monitoring capability, ensuring the scheduling of tasks is occurring as intended. Find out more here.


Securely share safety critical data between multiple processors and cores across any black channel communication systems. Find out more here

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