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SAFERTOS® CORE is the RTOS for embedded systems where safety needs to be considered, or designed-in for future consideration. It is ideal for projects where full safety certification/ documentation is not required, or at least not required at the start of a long safety development life cycle. SAFERTOS® CORE provides the complete functionality and API of SAFERTOS®.

SAFERTOS® CORE is ideal for companies who are developing products that:

  • Need to consider safety but don’t require full certification
  • May require certification in the future, and want to future proof their designs
  • Require a robust, highly deterministic RTOS, incorporating key safety features
  • Are starting lengthy development projects where certification evidence/documentation is not required at the start of the project

Free Demos & Manuals

Download fully functional, time-limited SAFERTOS® demos, plus manuals, datasheets, and more.


SAFERTOS® CORE uses the actual core SAFERTOS® design, source code and API that is used in pre-certified variants of SAFERTOS®, ported for use on your specific processor/compiler combination. SAFERTOS® CORE incorporates key safety features, combined with functionality that has a proven, successful history of use within embedded Safety Critical Applications.

  • Provides full SAFERTOS® functionality and API
  • Uses the actual core SAFERTOS® design and source code
  • Ported to your specific processor/compiler combination
  • Upgrade route from SAFERTOS® CORE to full SAFERTOS®


Where SAFERTOS® is supplied with a Design Assurance Pack (Industrial), or a Design History File (Medical) supporting safety certification, SAFERTOS® CORE is supplied as source code accompanied by a comprehensive User’s Manual.

SAFERTOS® CORE is also available fully integrated with our advanced, feature rich Middleware and Safety Plugins delivered as one seamless build of code.

  • Full source code
  • Comprehensive SAFERTOS® CORE Users Manual
  • Working ‘out of the box’ demo application
  • Available tightly integrated with our range of Middleware and Safety Plugins

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