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The plugin SAFECheckpoints from WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems provides a sophisticated task monitoring capability, ensuring the scheduling of tasks is occurring as intended.

The checkpoint mechanism allows the user to specify timing tolerances for critical sections of code; this can be used to ensure that:

  • Periodic tasks run within tolerances.
  • Sections of processing within tasks complete.
  • Interrupt event to handler task processing completes with allowable tolerances.
  • Complex functionality involving multiple tasks completes within allowable tolerances.

Individual checkpoints can specify their own callback function or the system error hook can be activated.

  • Single shot and Periodic checkpoints can be created.
  • Periodic checkpoints can operate in fixed or relative timing modes.

All Safety Plugins from WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems are supplied with a full Design Assurance Pack and are developed to the same high standard as SAFERTOS®, the IEC 61508 pre-certified Real Time Operating System.

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