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A New Approach To Embedded Software

OPENRTOS provides the only available commercial license for FreeRTOS, the highly successful, small, efficient embedded real time operating system. Our unique approach provides the ultimate flexibility for professional software development.

Developed for release under a modified GPL license, FreeRTOS is completely free to download. Updates and ports are simultaneously released by WITTENSTEIN as OPENRTOS, with full commercial support and licensing.

Benefits of OPENRTOS Licensing:

Commercial licensing releases users from the obligation to publish their use of FreeRTOS and provides standard commercial protections and support.

  • Removes the FreeRTOS modified GPL conditions, including the requirement that if you distribute source code that the FreeRTOS code must be offered to users of your application;
  • Commercial indemnification including explicit exclusion of open source code;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Professional support.

Peace of mind

An OPENRTOS licence gives peace of mind. WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems takes responsibility for getting the RTOS working with your chosen processor / compiler combination, verifies correct operation, and delivers a working demo project with full source code, ensuring your developers are  working effectively with our products without delay.

Developers benefit from a 12 month warranty that covers maintenance, updates and professional technical support.

To download further information, data sheets, and a quick reference guide, click here.