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SAFERTOS® for Aerospace Systems

SAFERTOS® provides aerospace developers with a responsive, robust and deterministic embedded RTOS, supported by clear and concise certification planning documentation, comprehensive design and verification evidence.

The SAFERTOS® aerospace development life cycle fully complies with the requirements of the DO 178C certification up to Design Assurance Level (DAL) A and supports the standard aerospace audit cycle to suit your aerospace design requirements for embedded avionics. The licensee has the option to lead and/or participate within these audits.

  • Deterministic embedded RTOS for avionics;
  • Clear and concise certification planning documentation;
  • Comprehensive design and verification evidence;
  • Delivered as source code and binary library.

The Aerospace Design Assurance Pack

Our DAP elevates your aerospace software development to new heights, ensuring compliance with aerospace software standards (DO 178C) for safety-critical applications such as drones and other aerospace embedded systems.

Key Advantages of SAFERTOS® Aerospace DAP:

  • Guaranteed DO 178C compliance up to DAL A: Eliminate uncertainty and ensure your RTOS meets the most stringent aerospace software standards for safety critical applications.
  • Minimal dependence on external libraries: Reduce certification complexity and potential integration risks by minimizing reliance on external code.
  • Seamless migration path from FreeRTOS: Leverage your existing FreeRTOS expertise with a smooth transition to SAFERTOS®.
  • Optimized footprint for enhanced resource efficiency: Minimize resource usage and maximize performance within your space-constrained aerospace applications.

Seamless Certification Planning

At the project’s commencement, receive a comprehensive set of standard certification planning documentation, including a customized ‘Plan for Software Aspects of Certification’ (PSAC). Collaborate with our experts and your Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) to ensure plans are tailored, authorized, and audit-ready, which will be authorized during the Stage Of Involvement (SOI) 1 audit.

Included Plans:

  • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification;
  • Software Development Plan;
  • Software Configuration Management Plan;
  • Software Quality Assurance Plan;
  • Software Verification Plan.

Comprehensive Design and Verification Process

Our development process adheres to WHIS Requirements, Design, and Coding standards. Regular audits, including SOI 2 and SOI 3, confirm conformance with certification plans and measure verification progress. Full verification is conducted on target hardware, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Seamless Certification Planning

The SOI 4 audit will complete the certification effort allowing the customer to immediately use the evidence. SOI 4 will ensure that all the documentation is in place and that the final certification artefacts are ready to be delivered.

  • Software Life Cycle Environment Configuration Index;
  • Software Configuration Index;
  • Software Accomplishment Summary (SAS).

Delivery Beyond Expectations

You not only receive the fully verified binary library but also the complete source code. Empower your developers with an in-depth understanding of SAFERTOS®, facilitating effective debugging and optimization.

Transparent Quality Records

Our development life cycle is transparent and supported by detailed quality records. Peer review data, problem reports, and records for Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Configuration Management (CM) are meticulously maintained. On-site audits are fully supported.

Free Demos & Manuals

Download fully functional, time-limited SAFERTOS® demos, plus manuals, datasheets, and more.

100% MC/DC Test Coverage

MC/DC is used in avionics software development to ensure adequate testing of the most critical software, which is defined as that software which could provide, or prevent failure of, continued safe flight and landing of an aircraft.

Each SAFERTOS® version achieves 100% MC/DC coverage when tested against the SAFERTOS® requirements set. This not only ensures that the compiler’s output is correct, it also ensures all requirements have been fully tested and that there is no unused or undocumented code within SAFERTOS®.

Full Requirements Tracing

The SAFERTOS® Aerospace Design Assurance Pack supports full tracing; from the user requirements, into the software requirements and design, across the comprehensive verification documentation and into the verification test logs. This tracing information can either be supplied as a DOORS® database, or exported into a spreadsheet. 100% traceability across the full design life cycle clearly demonstrates the completeness of each SAFERTOS® port.

Tracing into Source Code

SAFERTOS® supports Bidirectional tracing between the aerospace Design Assurance Pack and the SAFERTOS® source code to comply with the rigorous requirements of DO 178C. This is achieved by tracing to function level code within the DOORS database.

PSAC support

WHIS will supply clear and concise information for the inclusion of SAFERTOS® into an aerospace project. This information can be included within the RTOS section of your PSAC.

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Exceptional High Quality

WHIS uses a high integrity lifecycle to develop, maintain and support SAFERTOS® and its Design Assurance Packs that’s supported by a deeply institutionalised Quality Management System (QMS). Work started on the QMS in 1999, when WHIS was developing flight control systems. Over the subsequent years WHIS has developed its QMS to encompass the range of applications and standards it supports today, as demand for its services and products from its customers have broadened and deepened.

Lloyds Register LRQA UK independently certifies the WHIS QMS to ISO 9001, with the applicable scope:

Design, development, installation and support of high integrity systems and software for medical, aviation and industrial applications.

Lloyds Register LRQA UK

Table Top Talks

Watch our video to explore how SAFERTOS® revolutionizes aerospace applications, ensuring reliability and integrity in every mission-critical operation. Watch our table top talk from Embedded World 2024 and elevate your aerospace systems to new heights.

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Our History in Aerospace

Our History in Aerospace

The WITTENSTEIN Group developed the electromechanical and sensing elements of the T-50 Golden Eagle’s active sidestick – a family of supersonic advanced trainer and multirole fighters. WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) provided the systems and software engineering team for this development. Today, WHIS focuses on developing embedded Real Time Operating Systems and Software Components for use in safety critical applications.

Beyond SAFERTOS® for Aerospace

SAFERTOS® CORE: for aerospace devices that only need to consider safety and don’t require full certification.

Safety Components: bring greater robustness to safety critical aerospace designs. WHIS Safety components are available with a Design Assurance Pack supporting certification to aerospace standards.

Board Support Packages and Drivers: delivered either as commercial grade components, or with a Design Assurance Pack supporting submissions and certifications.

Training: maximise the use of your RTOS and increase development proficiency by attending one of our comprehensive training courses.

Peer review services: sometimes just a few hours of consultancy to review a preliminary aerospace design, and check the proposed design approach is taken is correct, can deliver significant benefits to the outcome of a project.

Consultancy services: designed to support our aerospace customers, allowing us to share our knowledge and experience of aerospace device development to help optimise the final design, improve the design processes and smooth the route to certification.