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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments, or TI, technology is at the heart of all things electronic. They focus on developing analogue chips and embedded processors including ARM® processors and wireless connectivity. Their processors are ideal for industrial, automotive, personal electronics applications and more.

We believe that the way to build an optimised RTOS is to work closely with silicon vendors. WHIS engineers have been working with TI designs for over a decade and we are Platinum partners. We are hugely experienced in porting our RTOS products to and optimising for TI processors, meaning that SAFERTOS® can provide the high performance you would expect from top spec TI boards. Contact us for more information.

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SAFERTOS® Is Available On Multiple Cores On SoC

The SAFERTOS® evaluation packages extend beyond the ARM® Cortex® R5F and now include integrated support for TI’s range of DSP processors ARM® Cortex® R5, TI DSP C6x and TI DSP C7x. SAFERTOS® source code evaluation packages are now available on the following Texas Instruments System on Chip devices:

  • Jacinto™ TDA4Vx;
  • SitaraAM2x & AM6x;
  • AWR2944.

Free SAFERTOS® Evaluation Package

The free SAFERTOS® evaluation package provides a full featured, hands-on experience, allowing engineers to become accustomed with using SAFERTOS® and understand its exceptional high quality before making a purchase. Contact us today for your evaluation. SAFERTOS® evaluation package offers engineers access to:

  • Full SAFERTOS® source code;
  • An ‘Out of the box’ SAFERTOS® demonstration application;
  • User manual.

SAFERTOS® Integrated And Ready To Run

Globally trusted safety RTOS meets cutting edge technology with the integration between WHIS and TI.

  • WHIS have worked directly with TI engineers for the closest integration possible.
  • SAFERTOS® Design Assurance Pack means that no re-testing is required.

Start Your Development For Free

FreeRTOS comes preinstalled on some TI platforms– get your project up and running and upgrade to SAFERTOS® at the start of formal development.

  • Multiple resources to guide you through the upgrade process.
  • A model used by tier 1-3 companies globally.
  • Use FreeRTOS and start your development today.


Device Architecture SAFERTOS® Evaluation Package Available
AWR2944 ARM Cortex-R5F, TI DSP C66 30 Day SAFERTOS® evaluation package available
Jacinto TDA4VM ARM Cortex-R5F, TI DSP C66, TI DSP C7 yes
Jacinto TDA4VL ARM Cortex-R5, TI DSP C66, TI DSP C7 yes
Jacinto TDA4VH ARM Cortex-R5F,TI DSP C7 yes
Jacinto DRA829 ARM Cortex-R5F,TI DSP C66, TI DSP C7 yes
Sitara AM263x ARM Cortex-R5F 30 Day SAFERTOS® evaluation package available
Sitara AM64x ARM Cortex-R5F yes
Hercules RM42 ARM Cortex-R4F Yes
Hercules RM46 ARM Cortex-R4F Yes
Hercules RM48 ARM Cortex-R4F Yes
Hercules RM57 ARM Cortex-R5F Yes
TMS320F28xx C2000 Yes
TMS470M ARM Cortex-M3 Yes
Hercules TMS570LC43 ARM Cortex-R5F Yes
Hercules TMS570LSxx ARM Cortex-R4 Yes
Concerto F28M35x ARM Cortex-M3 Yes
DRA821 ARM Cortex-R5F 30 Day SAFERTOS® evaluation package available
Tiva TM4C12xx ARM Cortex-M4F Yes

SAFERTOS® for Jacinto: TDA4VM

SAFERTOS® has been specifically optimised for the TDA4VM. We have been working closely with TI to ensure a seamless integration. Take advantage of the safety credentials and absolute reliability of SAFERTOS®, combined with the high performance of TI’s processors.

The TDA4VM processor family is based on the evolutionary Jacinto™ 7 architecture, targeted at ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) applications and built on extensive market knowledge accumulated over a decade of TI’s leadership in the ADAS processor market.

Contact us to talk about your project today.

Code Composer Studio (CCS)

Code Composer Studio™ IDE gives the ability to edit, build, and debug highly optimised embedded applications for all TI microcontrollers, processors, and wireless connectivity platforms. It is an integrated development environment (IDE) that comprises a suite of tools for developing, compiling, debugging and analyzing embedded applications.

Based on the Eclipse open source development environment, CCS enables integration with many tools. It includes an optimising C/C++ compiler, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler, and many other features. CCS provides a single user interface taking you through each step of the application development flow. Familiar tools and interfaces allow users to get started faster than ever before. Various free, node locked (tied to a PC) and floating (network) licenses are available.


We have highly optimised integration for the SafeTI™ Hercules Range. SafeTI™ design packages help designers meet industry standard functional safety requirements while managing both systematic and random failures. Using SafeTI components helps make it easier for customers to achieve applicable end-product safety certification and get to market quickly with their safety critical systems which are pervasive in our world today.

Hercules microcontrollers are based on TI’s 25+ years of functional safety expertise, industry collaboration and proven hardware for the automotive market. The platform consists of two ARM® Cortex®-based microcontroller families (RM and TMS570) that deliver scalable performance, connectivity, memory and a high level of diagnostic coverage making it easier to meet functional safety requirements.

SafeTI™ Library

The Hercules SafeTI™ Diagnostic Library is a collection of software functions and response handlers for various safety features of the Hercules Safety MCUs. The Hercules SafeTI Diagnostic Library runs in the context of the caller’s protection environment and all responses are handled in the context of interrupt or exception.


Simplify development of ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 and functional safety applications with the Hercules™ TMS570 ARM® Cortex®-R based MCUs from TI. This range has high performance ARM Cortex-R-based MCUs from 80MHz up to 300MHz with on chip features that prove a high level of diagnostic coverage. The TMS570 has an expansive portfolio of software and pin compatible products, providing scalability to address a wide range of applications. CPU frequency is from 80MHz up to 300MHz, and Integrated flash memory is from 128KB to 4MB.


The Tiva™ C Series ARM Cortex-M4 microcontrollers provide top performance and advanced integration. The product family is positioned for cost-conscious applications requiring significant control processing and connectivity capabilities such as:

  • Low power, hand-held smart devices
  • Gaming equipment
  • Home and commercial site monitoring and control
  • Motion control
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Factory automation
  • Fire and security
  • Smart Energy/Smart Grid solutions
  • Intelligent lighting control
  • Transportation


The Concerto family is a multicore system-on-chip microcontroller unit (MCU) with independent communication and real-time control subsystems. The F28M35x family of devices is the first series in the Concerto family.

The communications subsystem is based on the industry-standard 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU and features a wide variety of communication peripherals, including Ethernet 1588, USB OTG with PHY, Controller Area Network (CAN), UART, SSI, I2C, and an external interface.


SC2000™ 32-bit microcontrollers are 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) optimized for processing, sensing, and actuation to improve closed loop performance. Built for real-time control, they sense feedback, process the response, and actuate control systems with minimal latency.

SRapid and accurate sensing maximizes system responsiveness and performance, while specialized processing minimizes latency of complex closed loop control algorithms. The C2000 range is perfect for closed loop control applications such as motor control, digital power supplies, industrial drives, solar inverters, and more.

SPiccolo and Delfino MCU families offer code security techniques to protect software intellectual property during development, production, and field service, including:

    • Code security module using user configured password
    • Configuration of secure memory zones
    • Execute only restrictions
    • Block debug access to the CPU registers
    • Disable emulation connections during secure memory execution

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