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The TASKING products from Altium are world-leading tools for embedded software development, bringing together the advanced software design technology needed to compete in the embedded communications era. The award-winning TASKING integrated development environment, compiler, and debugger offerings support a wide range of DSPs and 8-, 16- and 32-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers for all areas of embedded development.

SAFERTOS® and OPENRTOS® are available for use with the TASKING tool chain, visit our Download Centre to view our full list of fully functional binary demos.

TASKING for Aurix™ Multi-Core TriCore™

In Spring 2012, Infineon introduced the fifth generation of TriCore™. This family line, called AURIX™, was the first to implement up to three 32-bit TriCore™ CPUs and aimed to meet the highest safety standards while significantly increasing performance at the same time. Yet with great architecture comes increased complexity, and if you’re a developer about to embark on an AURIX™-based project, then you need the right tools to get the job done. During the same time period, TASKING® launched the next major release of the TriCore™ VX-toolset featuring a powerful palette of language extensions specifically tailored to meet those needs. Since then, the TASKING® VX-toolset has matured into the product that we know today. Not just another compiler, but a future-proof developer platform equipped for fast-paced development through its ACT (AURIX™ Configuration Tool) driven technology.

TASKING provides an application note to address the majority of multi-core aspects that come into play while working on an AURIX™-based project. Download it from the TASKING website.

SAFERTOS Demos Including TASKING Toolchain

Manufacturer Device Family SAFERTOS Demo Available
Infineon TC39x TriCore Aurix Yes
Infineon TC29x TriCore Aurix Yes
Infineon TC23x TriCore Aurix Yes
Infineon XMC4500 ARM Cortex-M4F Yes

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