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Stateviewer Plugin

Our Stateviewer IDE plugin tool is offered with IAR and Eclipse tools and works with OPENRTOS® and SAFERTOS®. This means that engineers working in either an IAR Embedded Workbench, or an Eclipse environment can develop and debug applications more quickly and with a high degree of confidence.

Stateviewer comes pre-installed with IAR’s EWARM IDE. For information on other platforms supported by Stateviewer within the IAR IDE please use the “Ask us a question” button on the right.

The Stateviewer for Eclipse can be downloaded free of charge from our download centre.

OPENRTOS®, SAFERTOS® and the FreeRTOS kernel ‘Stateviewer’ plugins provide enhanced kernel awareness with features including a snapshot of the task-switching and resource states, and the ability to check the stack usage of each task. The tool shows two static tables when the debugger is paused. The first shows information on each task, such as which is running, which event a particular task is blocked on, etc. The second shows similar information for queues, semaphores and mutexes (how many items are in the queue, etc.).

Download Stateviewer

Download the Stateviewer tool free from our Download Centre Today.

Download Stateviewer