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Windows and Linux Simulator

The windows simulator is the perfect way to explore SAFERTOS® concepts without the need for cross compilation tools, hardware development boards, or in-circuit emulator hardware.

Download the simulator and start writing SAFERTOS® code right away on your Linux, MacOS, or Windows machine, using its native development tools.

  • Largely platform-agnostic
  • Try out application code ideas before deciding on a hardware platform.
  • Radically different platform on which to check the platform-independence of application code.

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What is a Simulator?

Both the FreeRTOS and SAFERTOS® kernels are split into the main kernel and the “portable layer”, which is platform specific. A “Windows simulator” is a special portable layer that allows the RTOS kernel to run on top of the Windows operating system, instead of directly on some embedded hardware platform.


A simulator portable layer allows customers to try out and prototype certain types of SAFERTOS® application code immediately on their desktop computer, without the need for cross-compiling toolchains, specialist debug hardware. Often, the native debug and development environment can be fuller-featured and quicker, and, because the simulator port layer is usually very different to a hardware port it helps to identify hardware dependences in a design.

The POSIX simulator has been tested with Linux, Windows using Cygwin, MacOSX, and should work with any platform that offers the relevant degree of POSIX compliance, such as the Linux compatibility layer built into newer Windows releases, BSD and other Unix type platforms. The simulator can therefore be used with our entire product range.

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