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Embedded RTOS for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that’s become well known in recent years. It refers to a system of devices connecting the physical world to the internet. The opportunities that the IoT can provide affect every industry, and the possibilities are enormous.

Our IoT Solution

WHIS IoT solutions utilise Amazon FreeRTOS IoT software components, integrated with our renowned Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), OPENRTOS® or SAFERTOS®.

For companies developing safety critical IoT applications, the Amazon FreeRTOS IoT software components are integrated with SAFERTOS®. SAFERTOS® replaces the FreeRTOS kernel, and developers can build in a degree of spatial separation by the manipulation of MPU regions on a per task basis. More information about SAFERTOS® here.

For companies using Amazon FreeRTOS IoT software in commercial applications who are seeking professional support or IoT Board Support Packages, we offer a range of services – from training, to integration, to extensive support packages. For companies looking for commercial licensing we offer OPENRTOS®. OPENRTOS® is a commercially licensed alternative to the FreeRTOS kernel which provides identical functionality, with professional licensing that can be extended to the whole of Amazon FreeRTOS if required.

Strategic Business Alliance with Amazon Web Services

Since 2006, WHIS have offered commercial and safety critical upgrades for FreeRTOS. Now FreeRTOS is under the stewardship of Amazon Web Services (AWS), WHIS continues to offer the same service for Amazon FreeRTOS. Our strategic business alliance with AWS enables us to offer state of the art IoT solutions with both OPENRTOS® and SAFERTOS®.

Strategic Business Alliance with Amazon Web Services

Start Your Development for Free

Start your development for free using Amazon FreeRTOS, and when you’re ready, upgrade the FreeRTOS kernel to either SAFERTOS® or OPENRTOS®. They all share the same functional model, meaning migration is simple. We supply a manual for upgrading from the FreeRTOS kernel to SAFERTOS®. Download it here.

Alternatively, if you require a IoT board support package, professional support or wish to start your development using either OPENRTOS® or SAFERTOS® then contact us today.

Porting, Training, & Licensing for Amazon FreeRTOS

WHIS offer a range of services to support Amazon FreeRTOS Developers. More information about porting to new processors, training, and licensing here.

IoT RTOS Options

Amazon FreeRTOS is open source and is based on the FreeRTOS kernel, with the addition of libraries that enable local and cloud connectivity, security, and over-the-air updates. WHIS are able to replace the FreeRTOS kernel with our commercially licensed product OPENRTOS®, or our safety critical product SAFERTOS®. As they share a similar functional model as FreeRTOS, upgrading is simple. Existing FreeRTOS users can update their version to access the additional software libraries from AWS. Click here for more information on the individual components that make up Amazon FreeRTOS.

The FreeRTOS kernel

Amazon FreeRTOS (a:FreeRTOS) is an operating system for microcontrollers that makes small, low-power edge devices easy to program, deploy, secure, connect, and manage, freely distributed under an M.I.T. license from We offer professional support, training, and porting to new processors. Contact us for more information.

The FreeRTOS kernel


Upgrade the FreeRTOS kernel to SAFERTOS®. SAFERTOS® provides developers with a responsive, deterministic embedded RTOS with a Design Assurance Pack that provides an easy route to achieving certification of SAFERTOS® once integrated into a Safety Product.

SAFERTOS® replaces the FreeRTOS kernel, and developers can build in a degree of spatial separation by the manipulation of MPU regions on a per task basis. More about SAFERTOS® here.

SAFE<strong>RTOS</strong>® from WHIS


OPENRTOS® is a commercial license for the FreeRTOS kernel. If you need IP indemnification or professional support, OPENRTOS® seamlessly replaces the FreeRTOS kernel while providing the same functionality. Contact us for more information about our flexible licensing and our professional support. Licensing is available for the whole of Amazon FreeRTOS.

OPEN<strong>RTOS</strong>® from WHIS

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