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Components for Medical Robotic Applications

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor, WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems, and WITTENSTEIN SE have come together to supply components that can be used within a medical robotic system.

These components provide superior drive system & sensor technology for robot-assisted surgery, each component provided by a different business unit of WITTENSTEIN for guaranteed expertise and product support through your development. WITTENSTEIN attends many medical shows and conferences showcasing these solutions. Contact us today to find out where we are exhibiting next.

We Empower the NEXT Robotic Revolution


This partnership is specifically designed to empower designers and developers of medical robots, with high performance components from industry experts.

If you need high precision, real time feedback, small footprint, high system robustness & reliability in your surgical robot, we offer you SAFERTOS®, drive systems and sensors with highest torsional stiffness, vibration damping, lowest weight, most compact design, high overload capacity, easy integration & setup.

Our product solutions for medical devices and surgical robots:

  • World’s first miniaturized Galaxie® Gearbox – the most compact hollow-shaft gearbox with the highest torsional rigidity
  • cyber® kit line small – frameless servo motor as a perfect match to the miniaturized Galaxie®.
  • 6-axis F/T sensors – the world’s smallest 6-axis force/torque sensors with compact electronics and hollow shaft
  • SAFERTOS® –  the safety critical RTOS used world wide in medical devices, supporting FDA 510(k) and IEC 62304

Robotic arm poster

wittenstein axial galaxie

Miniaturized Galaxie®

The most compact hollow-shaft gearbox with the highest torsional rigidity

The miniaturized Galaxie® takes the proven principle of our classic Galaxie® a step further. The result: innovative kinematics enabling almost full surface contact during power transmission – in an extremely compact footprint. Thanks to this unique concept, the miniaturized Galaxie® performs significantly better than established gearbox types with the same diameter in almost all dimensions. It combines the highest levels of torsional rigidity, torque density and overload capacity with a very large hollow shaft and maintains zero backlash throughout its entire lifetime.

With these outstanding characteristics, the miniaturized Galaxie® of WITTENSTEIN is the ideal choice for applications where maximum precision and safety are decisive even though only limited space is available and a lightweight design is paramount – for example, in medical robots.

cyber kit line framless servo motors

cyber® kit line small

Frameless servo motors

The frameless servo motors of the cyber® kit line product family of WITTENSTEIN cyber motor offer maximum torque and flexibility in a compact size. In additional, the frameless design with a large hollow shaft gives the maximum possible freedom of integration to develop unique solutions for specific applications.

The cyber® kit line assembly kit consisting of rotor and stator can be flexibly integrated into the machine thanks to the variety of variants.

6-axis sensor

Miniaturized 6-axis F/T sensors

The world’s smallest 6-axis force/torque sensors with compact electronics and hollow shaft

WITTENSTEIN 6-axis force torque sensors measure forces and torques in the 3 spatial directions (6 degrees of freedom) by using strain gauges.  The main advantages are their compact size (up to Ø 8 mm) and the hollow shaft option, which are enabled by the sensor’s multi-part deformation body.

The 6-axis F/T sensor kit includes the F/T sensor, the electronics box and an application software to display and record the measurement values.


Safety Critical Real-time Operating System

SAFERTOS® provides developers with a responsive, robust, deterministic, embedded Real Time Operating System (RTOS). It contains features needed for the development of medical devices such as medical robots, and the Design History File provides all the documentation required for an easy route to achieving certification of SAFERTOS® once integrated within your medical device.

By specifically supporting the needs of medical device developers, SAFERTOS® can greatly reduce program risks, lower development costs and shorten the time to market for medical device products.