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Renesas Electronics delivers trusted embedded design innovation with complete semiconductor solutions that enable billions of connected, intelligent devices to enhance the way people work and live — securely and safely. Renesas Electronics offers microcontroller and microprocessor products that provide excellent expandability while allowing customers to make full use of existing resources.

Available in a wide array of memory and package options, Renesas microcontrollers and microprocessors are fast, highly reliable, low in cost, and deliver eco-friendly performance.



Device Family SAFERTOS® Demos Available
RX600 RXv1, v2 Yes
RX200 RXv1, v2 Request a Demo
RX72 RXv3 Request a Demo
RZ ARM Cortex-A9 Request a Demo
RH850 G3, G3M, G3MH Request a Demo
R-Car H3 R-Car H3 Request a Demo

Renesas RX200

The RX200 series of Flash MCUs brings new levels of capability and performance to ultra-low-power, low-voltage embedded applications. Based on the fast, efficient 32-bit RX core, the RX231 MCUs are the latest members of the RX200 series. RX231 devices feature the new RXv2 CPU core with FPU/MPU and enhanced DSP capabilities, while operating over a wide voltage range with the lowest possible standby current. A wide set of peripherals are available, including communication channels like USB, CAN and SDHI, capacative touch support, 12-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC, and state-of-the-art HW-based security and safety functions.

CPU cores in the RX200 series (RXv1 and RXv2) combine the speed of a RISC architecture with the flexibility and code efficiency of a CISC architecture. They interact with the flash and SRAM through an enhanced Harvard design. Both cores leverage the industry’s fastest Flash memory, delivering performance as high as 1.64 DMIPS/MHz without wait states. The enhanced DSP capability with built-in FPU (IEEE754 compliant) and support for 32-bit multiply accumulate and 16-bit multiply subtract instructions and RMPA make the RX200 ideal for near-sensor processing and IoT node applications. RX200 MCUs provide six modular hardware subsystems that help products meet safety standards.

Renesas RX600

CPU cores in the RX family (RXv1 and RXv2) marry the speed of a RISC architecture with the flexibility and code efficiency of a CISC architecture.

The cores are tightly coupled to FPU, MAC, and RMPA (Repeat Multiply Accumulate) functions driven by DSP and floating-point instructions to meet the processing requirements of DSC (Digital Signal Controller) type applications.

The RX family consists of multiple product series containing over 900 different devices. MCUs in the RX600/RX700 series are ideal for applications requiring high-performance, high-efficient processors. Migration from existing Renesas architectures to RX solutions is easy. And, of course, moving designs among RX family members is very easy, since RX700, RX600, RX200 and RX100 MCUs share the same basic CPU architecture and peripherals and provide upward code compatibility. This maximizes design flexibility and facilitates software reuse.

Renesas RZ

The RZ family of high-end Arm®-based microprocessors (MPUs) fuses control and information technology (IT) to provide solutions necessary to enable the smart society of the future. From the RZ/A MPU with up to 10 MB of on-chip SRAM for applications such as human machine interface (HMI), to the RZ/G series of MPUs with support for 3D graphics and full high-definition (FHD) 60 frame per second (fps) video, to the RZ/T SoC for Industrial Automation and high performance motor control, Renesas has the microprocessors you need to realize your next “big idea.”

Renesas RH850 (Automotive)

The RH850 is Renesas Electronics’ latest automotive micro-controller family that offers high performance balanced with very low power consumption over a wide and scalable range of products. This family offers rich functional safety and embedded security features needed for new and advanced automotive applications.

The RH850 family is offered in a Renesas 40nm process, an industry first, and offers tremendous capability and features as cost-effective pricing. The family offers a range of CPU core structures (single, multiple, lock-step and combination thereof) to support high performance and/or high reliability requirements

R-Car H3 System-on-Chip (SoC)

The R-Car H3 delivers computing capabilities that exceed those of its predecessor the R-Car H2, enabling it to be used as the automotive computing platform for the autonomous-driving era. The R-Car H3 is compliant with the ISO 26262 (ASIL-B) functionality safety standard for automotive, and has enhanced security functions and improved robustness. The R-Car H3 is a solution that can be applied to a wide range of in-vehicle infotainment systems as well as driving safety support systems.

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