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Porting Services for FreeRTOS

WHIS have many years’ experience of porting FreeRTOS to new processor/compiler platforms not currently supported by the FreeRTOS project. As part of our Strategic Business Alliance with AWS, WHIS has extended this service to include porting for all of FreeRTOS connectivity and IoT software components. WHIS offers:

  • Porting to niche or uncommon processors;
  • Porting to processor/ compiler combinations not supported by FreeRTOS;
  • Porting to bespoke hardware platforms.

This service allows developers to smoothly adopt the full benefits provided by FreeRTOS. All new ports are developed for your specific processor/ compiler combination, and are delivered with an ‘out the box’ demonstration application. Simply compile the code and download to your selected target hardware.

All ports are supplied with free Support and Maintenance for the first 12 months after delivery.

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