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TRACE32® from Lauterbach offers a ready-to-run configuration for SAFERTOS®. A demo of the integration is available here.

The SAFERTOS® awareness for TRACE32 allows the developer to display all SAFERTOS® system resources including task information, dynamic thread performance measurement, and SAFERTOS® specific display of trace listing, as well as statistic evaluation and graphic display of task and function run times, PRACTICE functions for OS Data, and SAFERTOS® related Pull-Down Menu.

All features of the TRACE32 awareness for SAFERTOS® do not require any additional target configuration or any hooks or patches within the OS itself. The philosophy of TRACE32 is for the application to behave exactly the same in the debug environment as on the final product; only this way can 100% certainty of testing be achieved.

TRACE32 supports technologies like JTAG, SWD, NEXUS or ETM with embedded debuggers, software and hardware trace and logic analyzer systems for over 3500 cores and CPUs within 250 families like Arm Cortex-A/-M/-R, PowerArchitecture, TriCore, RH850, MIPS and more.

Lauterbach is the world’s largest producer of complete, modular and upgradeable microprocessor development tools worldwide with experience in making world class debuggers and real-time trace since 1979.

Datasheet Available

Download the datasheet for more information on the Lauterbach Debugger for SAFERTOS®, including the SAFERTOS® awareness from TRACE32, Task Stack Coverage, and more.