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PLS Development Tools

PLS is among the worldwide leading suppliers of software debugging solutions and complete development tools for the 16-/32-bit and 64-bit microcontroller families from Infineon Technologies, NXP, STMicroelectronics and further semiconductor suppliers. A wide range of various MCUs are supported by UDE Universal Debug Engine® for Debugging, Trace and Test, including TriCore™/AURIX™, Power Architecture®, Cortex®-M0, Cortex®-M3, Cortex®-M4, Cortex®-M7, Cortex®-A8, Cortex®-A9, Cortex®-A53, Cortex®-R4, Cortex®-R52, Arm®, XScale™, Renesas SuperH™ SH-2A, RH850 devices.

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Universal Debug Engine UDE

With Universal Debug Engine (UDE®) PLS offers on top solutions for software development of systems-on-silicon including debug support for 16-/32- and 64-bit microcontrollers.

The extensive feature list includes functions like: high speed and flexible target access via JTAG, cJTAG with OCDS L1, EmbeddedICE, OnCE, COP, DAP, DAP2, SWD support, OCDS L2 trace, MCDS trace, miniMCDS trace, CoreSight™ trace, ETM trace, ETB trace, Nexus trace, ASC, SSC, 3Pin and CAN, in-system FLASH memory programming of FLASH / OTP with UDE MemTool, support of various RTOS, OSEK® and test automation tools. For a full feautres list, please visit the PLS Development tools website.

SAFERTOS® Awareness

With an additional add-on, UDE provides extended functions for software development of real-time and safety critical applications, which are under control of the SAFERTOS® real-time operating system.

  • SAFERTOS® support is provided as UDE Add-On and extends a UDE basic debugger license
  • SAFERTOS® Add-On consists of the SAFERTOS® Support Window that provides a comprehensive and detailed view to information about SAFERTOS® resources and objects
  • The shown information is directly collected from the target system
  • No separate description file or similar is needed
  • Available information depends on particular SAFERTOS® configuration. Configuration is determined at compile time and does not change during run-time.

Free Demos & Manuals

Download fully functional, time-limited SAFERTOS® demos, plus manuals, datasheets, and more.