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Maximise the use of your RTOS components, and increase development proficiency by attending one of our comprehensive training courses. An in-depth knowledge, which can be efficiently obtained through training, allows engineers to comprehensively understand the full capability of their RTOS purchases. Our training results in greater and improved use of the features of the RTOS, which leads to optimised designs and shortened development schedules.

A requirement of many international development safety standards is to use only competent engineers in the software development process. This competency requirement also extends to each individual software component integrated into the design. Our SAFERTOS® training courses have been designed to educate engineers to the required level of competency. The training covers all technical aspects of SAFERTOS® including the API and usage model. The training also includes the contents of the Design Assurance Pack, and how to install and integrate SAFERTOS® into your development environment in accordance with the SAFERTOS® Safety Manual.

Our training courses are tailored around your purchased product and delivered by our experienced trainers, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in engineering. We offer either web based training, which can occur simultaneously across several sites, or on-site training at your company’s premises for an unlimited number of engineers.

Coffee Break Training

We have recently released a series of lighter training videos to refresh your RTOS skills. Watch here.

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