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SAFECheckpoints and Temporal Separation in Automotive Systems

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System designers are now faced with the challenge of providing safety and functionality as part of the same system. Within a single system there may be several different levels of safety software.

Therefore the software within the system needs to be partitioned, grouping software of the same safety level together, and assuring that software from lower safety levels can not interfere with software relating to the higher safety levels.

This paper discusses techniques to achieve temporal separation or time based partitioning within mixed safety level embedded systems. Temporal separation is concerned with ensuring that it is not possible for the other system software to compromise the processing demands of the safety critical software.

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SAFECheckpoints for Automotive
SAFECheckpoints is a software Safety Component that extends the functionality of the safety critical Real Time Operating System SAFERTOS.

SAFECheckpoints has been designed to meet the Automotive ISO 26262 ASILC/D requirement which mandates the self-monitoring of the software in the operating system and the application. Both SAFECheckpoints and SAFERTOS are supplied with a Design Assurance Pack supporting certification to ISO 26262 ASIL D.

For more about how SAFECheckpoints works please read our white paper, Checkpoints and Temporal Separation.

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