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We are proud to present our new series of White Papers focusing on mixed SIL software designs. Download the new White Paper today, and sign up to our newsletter to be notified of the next release in the series.

System designers are now faced with the challenge of providing safety and functionality as part of the same system. In many cases safety critical systems have to support feature rich graphical interfaces, responsive networking communications, diagnostics, data storage and much more. Due to the rigours of developing safety critical software the development costs are high and it would not be feasible to develop all the software used within the system to the highest safety level required.

This means that within a single system there may be several different levels of safety software.

Therefore the software within the system needs to be partitioned, grouping software of the same safety level together, and assuring that software from lower safety levels can not interfere with software relating to the higher safety levels. Partitioning allows the safety related software to be kept small and concise, whilst allowing the use of third party software modules, which shortens developments times and lowers costs.

Embedded Architectures Supporting Mixed Safety Integrity Software

This paper discusses in detail partitioning techniques used in mixed safety level embedded systems. Click the image to download the full White Paper

This paper discusses techniques for achieving spatial separation or partitioning within mixed safety level embedded systems. Click the image to download the full White Paper