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New for RTOS Security: The Enhanced Security Module for the SAFERTOS Product Range

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems have released a new Enhanced Security Module to add to the SAFERTOS® portfolio. The new Enhanced Security Module (ESM) reinforces and adds to SAFERTOS’s existing security measures, with the objectives to prevent a compromised user mode Task from obtaining information from other Tasks, gaining control of the system, and to reduce the effects of a Denial Of Service attack.

In a conventional flash driven system, the typical security boundary, or attack surface, is the external interfaces (the RTOS and host application combined as a block). With the SAFERTOS ESM, the attack surface is considered to be the boundary of a user mode Task. The objective of the ESM is to make it possible for the application designer to reduce the attack surface of a user mode Task to a minimum. This thereby restricts a bad actor to just the compromised user mode Task, and prevents access to the rest of the system.

Typical users of the SAFERTOS ESM include developers who need enhanced data protection in high risk applications, those using large, complex devices on multiple cores, or those running third party code.

ESM acts as a secure layer between the RTOS and the application. The ESM is constructed from a series of security features that constrain the access a user mode Task has to the rest of the system. For more information about SAFERTOS ESM, and to request an evaluation, visit

SAFERTOS is a pre-emptive, safety critical RTOS from WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems that delivers unprecedented levels of determinism and robustness to embedded systems, whilst using minimal resources. It is used internationally across a range of safety critical applications and is renowned for its high quality. SAFERTOS is available pre-certified by TÜV SÜD to ISO 26262 ASIL D and IEC 61508 SIL 3. A key advantage of SAFERTOS is the upgrade path from FreeRTOS to SAFERTOS; prototype using FreeRTOS and convert to SAFERTOS at the start of formal development. The SAFERTOS portfolio includes SAFERTOS CORE, safety plugins, and Board Support Packages.

“The new Enhanced Security Module is designed for SAFERTOS users targeting the highest level of security.” Says Steve Ridley, Engineering Manager for WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems. “We believe that our new Enhanced Security Module greatly enhances the ability of embedded system designers to build security into their products.”

An evaluation package of the new Enhanced Security Module is available. For more information

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