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Support and Maintenance

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start every project with an expert at your side? That’s the advantage of having good quality Support and Maintenance. WHIS provides FREE Support and Maintenance for 12 months for every RTOS purchase. The support listed below is included, as a minimum. Find out more here.

What to Look For in Your Support and Maintenance Agreement:

Technical Support
Safety Support
License upgrades
RTOS Re-validations
License administration

It’s been a busy couple of months, and there are now many new demos live on the website. Download them for free today.

RTOS Resource Centre
Visit our RTOS Resource centre for tutorials, use case examples, app notes and more, all designed to help you get the most from your RTOS. We release new content regularly.

Recent topics include:

Semaphores and Mutexes
RTOS Power Saving Features
Direct Task Notifications
Priority Inversion
The Memory Protection Unit
Getting the most from the SAFERTOS Demo
SAFERTOS + Trace Optimisation Tool

Visit our RTOS Resource Centre Today.

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