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SAFEXchange Achieves New Certification from TÜV SÜD

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) announces that SAFEXchange, its Safety Component for multi-processor communication, has achieved certification to IEC 61508-3 SIL 3, ISO 26262-6 ASIL D and IEC 61784-3 from TÜV SÜD. SAFEXchange allows users to preserve the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) of data shared within a multi-processor, multi-core environment.

SAFEXchange is a fusion of a Data Distribution Service and an integrity layer. It maintains flexibility and isolation between Producers and Consumers of data by protecting the data shared rather than the commu-nication channel itself, meaning that SAFEXchange is safe to use in conjunction with black channel communication mediums.

SAFEXchange protects the data by forming a Safety Communication Layer between the Application and the Communication Software, which adds integrity information to data packets before transmission. On reception, the additional integrity information is used to verify the correctness of the data packet before it is made available to the application layer.

“One of the challenges when developing a multi-processor architecture is how to efficiently share data of different Safety Integrity Levels across a common communication system.” said Andrew Longhurst, Business Development Manager at WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems. “SAFEXchange ensures that the shared safety related data is correct, timely and trusted. Additionally, using SAFEXchange results in a modular and cost effective system design, allowing for modifications and upgrades to occur to specific cores without the need to re-certify the complete system.”

SAFEXchange operates independently of the underlying communication system and is easily integrated with most embedded host operating systems.

SAFEXchange is one of a number of Safety Components from WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems. Safety Components are delivered as full source code, with a Design Assurance Pack containing all the design and verification certification artefacts required by IEC 61508 SIL3 and ISO 26262. For more information on SAFEXchange please see our website at

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