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We are pleased to announce the launch of SAFERTOS+Trace, a new software only profiling and optimization tool for use with SAFERTOS- our IEC 61508 SIL3 safety certified RTOS.

SAFERTOS+Trace gives an unprecedented level of insight into the runtime world of SAFERTOS-based embedded software. Solve complex problems in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be needed, develop more robust designs to prevent future problems and find new ways to enhance your software’s performance. This improved understanding allows you to increase the overall software quality and reduce the time spent troubleshooting.

SAFERTOS+Trace records the runtime behavior of SAFERTOS, logs selected events from your application and explains the data through more than 20 graphical views that are interconnected and easy to navigate.

SAFERTOS+Trace is best experienced live, so why not contact one of our sales representatives and request your 30 day SAFERTOS evaluation package of SAFERTOS and SAFERTOS+Trace.

Click here to learn more about SAFERTOS+ TRACE

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