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SAFERTOS® Supports Jacinto TDA4x, Sitara AM2x & AM6x and AWR29xx Platforms

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) has been working closely with Texas Instruments (TI) to allow your project to reach its full potential. SAFERTOS® now supports the Jacinto TDA4Vx, Sitara AM2x & AM6x and AWR29xx platforms. SAFERTOS 30-day evaluations are available on these platforms. The longstanding close relationship between WHIS and TI ensures cutting edge technology is integrated easily and efficiently with industry leading safety.

SAFERTOS®, the safety critical real time operating system from WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS), is now available for the new Jacinto TDA4Vx, Sitara AM2x & AM6x and AWR29xx platforms from Texas Instruments (TI). Utilise the longstanding TI and SAFERTOS relationship to bring your project to its full potential. SAFERTOS 30-day evaluations are available on these platforms. Contact us to access yours today.

SAFERTOS is a pre-certified safety Real Time Operating System (RTOS) for embedded processors developed by WHIS, a global safety systems company. It delivers superior performance and pre-certified dependability whilst utilizing minimal resources.  SAFERTOS is delivered with a Design Assurance Pack (DAP), tailored specifically for the customer processor / compiler combination. SAFERTOS supports a wide range of international development standards, including ISO 26262-6 ASIL D, and is widely used across the automotive sector. Popular due to its impressive safety credentials, SAFERTOS also features a unique adoption model – start your project for free with FreeRTOS and upgrade to SAFERTOS at the start of formal development. To see how we can help with your project and to request your evaluation, contact us today.

“Our close partnership with TI is built on over a decade of collaboration and trust” said Andrew Longhurst, Managing Director for WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems. “This ensures we can bring our customers the latest innovations in safety and cutting-edge technology.”

WHIS engineers have optimised SAFERTOS for the Jacinto TDA4Vx, Sitara AM2x & AM6x and AWR29xx platforms for the highest possible integration, meaning SAFERTOS is fully integrated and ready to run.  WHIS have over a decade of experience in porting their RTOS products to and optimising for TI processors, meaning that SAFERTOS combines WHIS’ globally trusted safety RTOS with TI’s cutting-edge technology. Visit our website for more information, or contact us to access a 30-day evaluation of SAFERTOS on these platforms.

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