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WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) is excited to announce the launch of their latest RTOS product, SafeRTOS CORE; an RTOS for embedded systems where safety needs to be considered, or designed-in for future consideration. It is ideal for projects where full safety certification/ documentation is not required, or at least not required at the start of a long safety development life cycle.

SafeRTOS CORE incorporates key safety features such as MPU/MMU support for Task isolation, combined with functionality that has a proven, successful history of use within Embedded Safety Critical Applications all over the world. It is the solution WHIS offer in response to the strong market demand for a robust & highly deterministic RTOS for embedded designs, where safety needs to be considered, without certification.

SafeRTOS CORE uses the actual core SafeRTOS design, source code and API that is common across all safety certified SafeRTOS variants, ported for use on a specific processor/compiler combination. Whereas SafeRTOS is supplied with a Design Assurance Pack (for Industrial Devices) supporting certification to IEC 61508 SIL 3, or a Design History File (for Medical Devices) supporting certification to EN62304/FDA510(k) Class C, SafeRTOS CORE is supplied as source code accompanied by a comprehensive User Manual and an ‘out of the box’ working demonstration application.

WHIS has already secured multiple lead customers for SafeRTOS CORE within the Medical and Industrial markets.

“SafeRTOS has a long and successful history of use within embedded safety critical applications requiring certification to the highest levels possible,” said Andrew Longhurst, Business Development Manager for WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems. “SafeRTOS CORE provides this pedigree and safety critical functionality to engineers developing embedded systems that need to consider safety, but don’t require full certification, or for embedded safety systems that may not require certification documentation support early in their development life cycles.”

For applications that may not require certification/documentation at the start of a long safety development life cycle, there is an easy upgrade route from SafeRTOS CORE to full SafeRTOS that can be taken at any time during the product development process.

SafeRTOS CORE is available ported for use on a specific Processor/Compiler combination. It is available fully integrated with advanced, feature-rich Middleware and Safety Components, provided by WHIS as one seamless build of code.

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