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SafeRTOS to Support Power Architecture Cores

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) has extended its Safety Critical Real Time Operating System, SafeRTOS, to include support for Power Architecture cores, for use in Medical and Industrial applications.

SafeRTOS enables dual and multicore Power Architecture software designers to create seamless, mixed safety criticality designs quickly and efficiently. Due to its small size and its safety critical credentials, SafeRTOS is ideally suited for use on the primary core. This allows the system to boot and configure itself securely before enabling other cores that run non-critical applications, such as Linux to implement web servers and WiFi connections.

SafeRTOS allows designers to co-locate safety critical code with non-safety critical code, meaning that, for example, a critical Infusion Pump control algorithm and graphical interface code can be present within the same linear memory space. This is possible on the Power Architecture cores as SafeRTOS supports the Memory Protection Unit, which allows for the Isolation and Separation of individual Tasks. This can significantly reduce the amount of safety critical code within a project, resulting in lower development and on-going support costs, while achieving a faster time to market.

“By adding support for Power Architecture cores WHIS can offer our easy to use, hard real time RTOS products to developers working on large and complex applications.” said Andrew Longhurst, Business Development Manager for WHIS. “We have already experienced strong interest in using SafeRTOS on Power Architecture cores, and have secured major customers from the Medical and Industrial sectors. Having a small-footprint, trusted, safety certified RTOS such as SafeRTOS at the heart of a complex, multicore, safety system is a compelling design decision for many system architects”.

Free, fully operational SafeRTOS demos for use on Power Architectures are available from
For Industrial applications, SafeRTOS is available pre-certified by TÜV SÜD to IEC 61508-3 SIL-3, and is supplied with a full Design Assurance Pack. For Medical applications, SafeRTOS supports certification to IEC 62304 Class C, and FDA510(k) submissions class III, and is supplied with a Design History File.

For developments that only need to consider safety, but do not require full certification there is SafeRTOS CORE. To find out more about SafeRTOS CORE please visit our website at

A range of high quality, feature rich middleware components are available for use with SafeRTOS including networking, file systems and USB components, delivered fully integrated using the Task Isolation and Separation function.

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