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New RTOS Resources

Priority Inversions, Interrupts, Efficient Task Scheduling and More
WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems is proud to announce the launch of a new RTOS training centre to help you get the most from your RTOS. We’ll be releasing new content regularly, including use case examples, tutorials, videos, and whitepapers. Visit our RTOS Resource Centre Today.

Use Case Example 1.
Detecting and Avoiding Priority Inversion

Read it here. This use case example looks at Priority Inversion – what it is, how it can be caused, and how to prevent it.

We illustrate it with a use case example provided by Percepio, following the issue of a randomly occurring reset where our SAFERTOS +Trace tool was used to identify and fix the problem.

The use case is illustrated with screenshots throughout, and tailored to be as useful as possible so that you know where to look to resolve similar issues on your own. Visit our RTOS Resource Centre Today.

This is the first of many use case examples – to be updated as we release more follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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