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FreeRTOS™ Compatible USB, TCP/IP and File Systems Projects

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems have released a range of middleware that is supplied integrated with FreeRTOS, including USB, TCP/IP and File Systems.

FreeRTOS™ is a market leading real time operating system (RTOS) found in every imaginable market sector. Created and produced by Real Time Engineers Ltd., it currently supports 34 architectures and receives in excess of 107,000 downloads a year. FreeRTOS is truly free to download and can be used within commercial grade projects.

The official partners of FreeRTOS, WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS), have released a range of high quality middleware that is supplied integrated with FreeRTOS, including USB Host and Device, TCP/IP, and File Systems.

Traditionally when purchasing middleware for your project there is always an element of risk- integration work has to be done by your own development team, which can include a steep learning curve, unexpected delays and costs that can be hard to predict.

Now, however, WHIS have done all of the integration work that’s required- creating a cost effective and risk-free solution. Middleware is offered as fully functional projects that are ready to run on delivery. Learn more, or request a hassle-free quotation at – our sales team will answer your queries, but promise not to push anything unnecessarily.

“In working closely with the FreeRTOS project we have succeeded in developing Middleware that’s convenient, functional, and risk free,” said Andrew Longhurst, Business Development Manager for WHIS. “We have also streamlined the process of obtaining a quotation by creating an online middleware request form, simply fill in the form with your requirements and receive a no strings attached quotation by the next working day.”

WHIS is able to do this because of its long standing partnership with FreeRTOS, and Real Time Engineers Ltd.

“We are excited to be able to announce the addition of WHIS’s high quality and professional middleware to the diverse FreeRTOS ecosystem,” said Richard Barry, creator of FreeRTOS and founder of Real Time Engineers Ltd., “We have worked with WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems for many years so trust their domain expertise when creating such FreeRTOS specific offerings.”

One of the major advantages of FreeRTOS lies in its flexibility. Thanks to the commercial backing of WHIS, it is easy for customers to migrate to OpenRTOS or SafeRTOS as needed. OpenRTOS shares a code base with FreeRTOS but is professionally supported and supplied under a commercial license for IP indemnification and confidentiality. SafeRTOS is based on the functional model of FreeRTOS, but has been completely rebuilt for safety critical applications and is available pre-certified to IEC 61508 by TÜV SÜD.

The addition of supported, professional Middleware truly transitions FreeRTOS users into the professional world.

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