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8 Reasons to use a Safety Certified RTOS

With the increasing growth of regulation, and certification bodies accepting systems made up from pre-certified blocks, there is an increasing demand for pre-certified software components. The following 8 benefits of using a Safety Certified RTOS are based upon SAFERTOS, an IEC 61508 SIL 3 certified RTOS used in embedded systems.

SAFERTOS is ideal for the medical, industrial, aerospace, nuclear, transportation, automotive and process sectors. Flexible license and purchase options are available to suit every customer. Click here to start a conversation concerning how SAFERTOS can deliver for your project.

A range of SAFERTOS demos are available for popular platforms, including Texas Instruments, Renesas, and STMicroelectronics. For the full list of currently supported demos click here.


SAFERTOS is designed to deliver extremely high levels of determinism. Features frequently found in commercial grade RTOS’s that effect deterministic behaviour have been removed, such as dynamic memory allocation.


SAFERTOS uses a robust implementation, designed to comply with the most rigorous international design standards. A deterministic design, self-verification features, parameter validation and stack checking routines all contribute to ensure SAFERTOS performs as expected.


Isolation and Separation of Individual Tasks
SAFERTOS supports the isolation and separation of individual tasks using the processor’s memory protection features. This allows safety critical code to co-exist in the same code space as commercial code while remaining physically isolated, lowering development/ production costs.


Ease of Product Certification
The process of certifying SAFERTOS in a product is simple and straightforward. All that is required is to follow the clear, concise instructions found within the Safety Manual on how to install, integrate and use SAFERTOS within an application, and submit the resulting evidence to your auditors.


Designed to your Specific Compiler and Processor
SAFERTOS is delivered configured for your specific compiler and processor combination; this ensures no re-testing is required, and safely integrating SAFERTOS into your application is smooth and hassle free.


Lowers Risk
In many safety critical applications, the RTOS is the most critical component. The RTOS not only schedules the functionality of the software, it also schedules the operation of Safety Monitors and Safety Functions. Using a trusted component at the heart of your design shortens development schedules and de-risks the product certification process.


Quality Assurance
SAFERTOS is delivered with full source code and a Design Assurance Pack (DAP). The DAP contains every Design and Verification artefact created for your specific SAFERTOS port, and provides complete transparency over the full Design Life Cycle. WHIS is also ISO 9001 certified.


SAFERTOS has been independently certified many times on numerous platforms, for various different applications, to IEC 61508-3 SIL 3, the highest possible SIL level for a software only component.For more information about how to choose your RTOS, click here

For more information or to speak to a representative click here, or download free SAFERTOS demos here.

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