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88th China Electronics Fair

Join us at the Embedded System Security Forum
When: 10th November
Where: China Electronics Fair, Shanghai, China

Our lead engineer is in China in November, performing training, visiting our distributor BMR, and speaking at the China Electronics Fair Conference “Embedded System Security Forum”. Register today to attend.

Title: Using the Memory Protection Unit (MPU) with an RTOS to Enhance System Safety and Security

Abstract: For safety critical software, it is necessary to understand the requirements of the application, be able to demonstrate that the requirements have been met and prove that all the code is necessary and tested. This disciplined approach to engineering is the starting point for safety applications. Run time monitoring of an application and its underlying hardware is also commonplace. One hardware peripheral that can help with this is a Memory Protection Unit (MPU). Correct configuration of the MPU can allow software bugs or corruption to be trapped before damage can occur; however, active management of the MPU in conjunction with an RTOS allows meaningful task/thread isolation of mission critical parts of the application. This presentation discusses methods of achieving partitioning and error detection using the MPU.

Beijing Microtec Software Technologies Ltd (BMR)
We’re pleased to introduce our distributor in China: Beijing Microtec Software Technologies Ltd. (BMR), an embedded software solution company founded in 1995, located in China.

With more than 20 years of experience, BMR is a world leading embedded software business cooperation supplying traditional embedded software tools, operating systems, middleware and general-purpose products including IAR, Atollic, Interniche, Percepio, etc.

BMR is collaborating closely with some of the biggest semiconductor manufacturers in the world, such as ST, NXP, and TI.

The company is focused on industrial control, consumer electronics, communications, IoT and other areas of scientific research and embedded system education.

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