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Market leading RTOS

SAFERTOS® is based on the functional model of the FreeRTOS kernel, a market leading embedded RTOS with over 100,000 downloads per year.

However, SAFERTOS® is not the FreeRTOS kernel. It has been completely redesigned by our team of safety experts. Our engineers took the FreeRTOS kernel functional model, subjected it to a full HAZOP, identified all areas of weakness within the functional model and API, and generated a set of safety requirements. The resulting functional and safety requirements sets were put through an IEC 61508-3 SIL 3 development life cycle, the highest possible for a software only component, creating the SAFERTOS® code base and DAP.

Start Your Development for Free

As the FreeRTOS kernel and SAFERTOS® share the same functional model upgrading is easy. Many of our customers prototype using the FreeRTOS kernel, and convert to SAFERTOS® at the start of their formal development phase.

Our workshop demo, available to download for free, walks you through the upgrade process. It contains:

  • An example FreeRTOS project;
  • SAFERTOS® project;
  • Detailed App Note to walk you through the exercise.

Find the Demo in our Download Centre as “Upgrading From FreeRTOS to SAFERTOS®: Workshop Example using Kinetis K64F with GCC MCUXpresso for the NXP FRDM64F” or download the white paper today.

Free Manual

Included in our Download Centre is a manual detailing how to upgrade from FreeRTOS to SAFERTOS® in easy steps.

Free Manual

Why not use the FreeRTOS kernel?

The FreeRTOS kernel has been designed for maximum performance and minimum resource use, but lacks many of the features and checks identified during the HAZOP vital for safety critical applications.

Developing a safety critical RTOS is about more than just applying process to an existing code base. Risk management is required across the complete development life cycle to identify a full set of safety requirements. These safety requirements will have a major impact on the implementation of the RTOS, contribute significantly to the all-important safety manual and result in a trusted product containing the key features essential for safety critical use.

SAFERTOS® is pre-certified to IEC 61508-SIL 3, and supplied with a full Design Assurance Pack giving complete transparency over the full Design Life Cycle- saving you time and money whilst reducing your time to market.

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