Experts in embedded RTOS, with a specialisation in safety certified software

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WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems

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Supported Platforms

SAFERTOS supports a broad range of platforms, the most popular ones are listed below. If your platform is not listed, please let us know which processor/tool chain you are using and we’ll update you on the latest tool support. You can contact us via the “Ask us a question” button on the right.

To access free demos, datasheets and evaluations of SAFERTOS click here.


AlteraNios IINios II
AT91SAM3ARM Cortex-M3
AT91SAM4ARM Cortex-M4
XMC4000ARM Cortex-M4
Microsemi (Formerly Actel)SmartFusionARM Cortex-M3
SmartFusion2ARM Cortex-M3
NXP (Formerly Freescale)MPC5xPower Architecture E200z4, E200z7
MPC574xPower Architecture
S32VARM Cortex A53/M4
S32K11xARM Cortex M0
S32K14xARM Cortex M4
LPC4000, LPC4300ARM Cortex-M4
LPC1300, LPC1700, LPC1800ARM Cortex-M3
LPC1100, 1200ARM Cortex-M0
Kinetis K seriesARM Cortex-M4
Kinetis L seriesARM Cortex-M0
i.MX6xARM Cortex-A9
i.MX5xARM Cortex A8
Qorivva/5xxxPower Architecture
RZARM Cortex-A9
Silicon LabsGiant GeckoARM Cortex-M3
ST MicroelectronicsSTM32F3, STM32F4, STM32L4ARM Cortex-M4
STM32F2, STM32F1, STM32L1, STM32WARM Cortex-M3
STM32F0ARM Cortex-M0
STM32F7ARM Cortex-M7
Texas InstrumentsStellaris LM3ARM Cortex-M3
TivaARM Cortex-M4
Hercules RM4x, TMS570ARM Cortex-R4
Hercules TMS470ARM Cortex-M3
Hercules TMS570ARM Cortex-R5
TMS320 DelfinoC28x
ConcertoARM Cortex-M3
Zynq-7000ARM Cortex-A9
UltraScale MPSoCARM Cortex-R5, A53



SAFERTOS supports all popular compilers.

When developing to IEC 61508-3, the development tools that directly affect the code should be of the same SIL level as the code produced. The WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems approach to this problem is to comprehensively verify the output of the compiler and not the compiler itself. This verification is implemented by using MC/DC testing on the object code produced by the compiler. Each SAFERTOS version must achieve 100 percent MC/DC test coverage when testing against our requirements set. This not only ensures that the compiler’s output is correct, it also ensures all requirements have been fully tested and that there is no unused or undocumented code within our RTOS.

  • This approach to tool verification has been accepted by TÜV SÜD since 2007, and allows SAFERTOS to support all popular tools and still be available pre-certified.