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Why Upgrade to OPENRTOS?

OPENRTOS® and FreeRTOS™ share the same code base. The additional value offered by OPENRTOS is as a ‘commercial and legal wrapper’ for FreeRTOS users.

Developers upgrade to an OPENRTOS license for two main reasons -

  • To overcome technical licensing constraints with the FreeRTOS modified GPL license;
  • To access additional services, such as professional grade support, training, consultancy and tools.

Restrictions with the FreeRTOS Modified GPL Licence

There are several reasons why developers may find the FreeRTOS modified GPL licence restrictive.

  • Companies may have a blanket ban on using GPL licensed software within their projects;
  • They might require IP indemnification.
  • They may prefer to avoid the FreeRTOS license requirement to acknowledge their use of FreeRTOS in their products that distribute source code.

An OPENRTOS license removes the modified GPL restrictions, provides IP indemnification, and allows developers to remain anonymous.

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems delivers OPENRTOS configured for a specific compiler and processor combination, and ensures customers receive fully working code, with a working demonstration application, and the reassurance of professional support.