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Hardware Requirements

Where possible, WHIS will acquire the processor specified by the customer on a commercial evaluation board. When this is not possible, e.g. because the processor is not available on an evaluation board, then WHIS can work on hardware provided by the customer.

However, the hardware must meet the following requirements:

  1. The hardware provided by the customer must be fully functional and complete with all the required components, and must work “out of the box”;
  2. The hardware must have a fully functional debug interface;
  3. The hardware, especially the debug interface, should have already been tested by the customer, using their selected JTAG emulator (e.g. downloading a “Hello World” program);
  4. If a special cable or adaptor is necessary to connect the JTAG emulator to the board, this should be provided by the customer;
  5. If the customer hardware is delivered disassembled (i.e. with cables/boards packaged separately), then the customer must provide detailed instructions, including photographs, showing how to fit the various components together;
  6. The customer is expected to share all the information (schematics, etc.) required by WHIS to complete the job;
  7. The board must have one or more LEDs or accessible GPIO pins for WHIS to be able to test the tick frequency;
  8. In the case where a full SAFERTOS® package (one which includes the DAP or DHF documentation) is to be supplied, at least 2 accessible GPIOs/LEDs and one serial interface are also needed.

Please note that WHIS’s expertise and resources are focused on high quality software development and we do not claim to be hardware experts. If the hardware or the debug interface are not functioning as expected, WHIS will work with the customer to find a viable solution (where one exists to be found). The additional time required will be added to the estimated delivery date. If WHIS determines that the amount of effort involved to get the hardware working is too great, the customer will be asked to supply alternative hardware.

If examination of the customer’s hardware reveals additional work is required to successfully port SAFERTOS® to the specified processor, then WHIS may need to re-quote to cover these additional costs.

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