Experts in embedded RTOS and Middleware, with a specialisation in safety certified software

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Customer Showcase, Reviews and Use Cases


Below are some of our most innovative customers. See how they review our RTOS and the experience of working with us. For more information please use the contact information below, or use this form to contact us directly.


Ottobock is a world leading supplier of high quality solutions that restore human mobility. They have produced the world’s most technologically advanced microprocessor prosthetic leg- the Genium X3. Its embedded microprocessor allows for natural movement like never before. 

In the past, Ottobock have used custom embedded software for these microprocessors, but after a thorough and rigorous evaluation, Ottobock chose SAFERTOS for their software platform - to replace all of their custom embedded software across their microprocessor controlled lower limb prostheses.

Contact Ottobock:

Ottobock have this to say about WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems:

SAFERTOS is very high quality, and the support from the engineers and the sales staff has been excellent. I would strongly recommend them

- Cor van Dam, Ottobock

OrganOx Logo

OrganOx® Ltd is a late-stage medical device development company with a mission to increase the quality and supply of organs for transplantation. Their first product, the OrganOx metra®, uses SAFERTOS. The metra made headlines in 2013 with the first “warm liver” transplant using an organ that was kept alive at body temperature during transport. The metra utilises a patented process of “auto-regulation” allowing the liver to self-regulate pressures and flows of oxygenated blood at normothermic temperatures. The auto-regulation method and algorithms have been developed through over 15 years of research with over 200 pre-clinical perfusions reported in over 30 peer-reviewed publications and reviews. 

OrganOx have been a repeat customer since 2013.

Contact OrganOx
Telephone: 01865 754156

Magnetrol Logo

The future of advanced process control solutions is being powered by Magnetrol® – the level and flow expert and your preferred partner for operational efficiency, safety and performance.

The Model 706 is a smart transmitter operating upon the principles of Guided Wave Radar (GWR). Designed to provide continuous level measurement well beyond that of many traditional technologies, the Model 706 can be utilized in virtually all level measurement and control applications, including those containing visible vapors, or media with varying dielectric constant or specific gravity.

Utilizing Patented Diode Switching Technology, the Model 706 offers best-in-class signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) resulting in enhanced capability in difficult, low dielectric applications.

Contact Magnetrol:

Eclipse 706GWR

Magnetrol have this to say about SAFERTOS:

We have used SAFERTOS in several of our industrial products; the RTOS as well as the expert support available have both proven to be exceptional.

- Chris Turcotte, Magnetrol

Scame Sistemi Logo

Scame Sistemi is an international manufacturer of gas and fire detection panels. They also engineer firefighting and security systems.

Scame Sistemi's aim is to fulfil the expectations of customers all over the world: high technological products, global certifications, professionalism, protection of people and environment are the basis that spur them to invest energy and passion in their work.

Contact Scame Sistemi:

scame sistemi product image

Scame Sistemi have this to say about SAFERTOS:

As producers of Fire & Gas alarm control panels, we have used SAFERTOS to develop a CAN-based distributed I/O bus system for use in critical safety applications. We have appreciated SAFERTOS for several design reasons and, above all, for its performance and dependability from the point of view of functional safety. Last but not least, we are satisfied with the effective technical support provided by WITTENSTEIN.

- G. Piacentino, MD Scame Sistemi